As I was thinking about starting this blog, I wondered, “How many part-time jobs can you hold before you consider yourself full-time employed?” I’m not sure. However, I am sure how many part-time titles I can have before I become full-time crazy. Here are just a few I currently hold:

Part-Time Writer

I’m one of those writers who wakes up with the thought, “I just have to write this down,” and I do, and then I might not write again for weeks. Actually, I’m not even sure that qualifies me as part-time. I am constantly writing in my head; it’s the putting it down on paper that doesn’t happen that often.

Part-Time Business Owner

I don’t even know if it’s possible to be a part-time business owner, but I like to trick myself into believing I’m part-time. I work with my husband who is a chiropractor. He does the chiropractor thing. I do the office manager, bill paying, supply ordering, filling in as chiropractic assistant, marketing, organizing, pretty-much-everything-else thing. I don’t mean I do everything, but I do a lot of the peripheral “stuff” that either no one else wants to do or never gets around to doing. While I work part-time hours in the office, the worry of owning your own business and having all your eggs in one basket is pretty much full-time.

Full-Time Mama

First of all, you should know that my children are no longer children. I am not thirty-something. As a matter of fact, my kids are closer to thirty now than I am. My three adult children range in age from 20-23. Yep, I did have three kids in four years, which should tell you something about why I’m coming to this writing thing so late in life. While they are semi-grown and one is even now newly married, they still know I am a phone call or text away from dropping everything to come help out. Helping out includes but is not limited to furniture scavenging and delivery for the newlyweds, picking up a stranded young man after his car has broken down again, and last minute runs to the dollar store for project supplies for the youngest who’s still in college.

Full-Time Crazy

Most people will tell you that women try to do it all, and it’s true. The amazing thing is how we try to do it all and still expect to be sane, normal, nice, and fun to be around. After decades of chasing normal and sane, I’ve just decided to admit my craziness and go with it. I’ve always tried to appear as serene as the duck gliding across a glassy pond as the first rays of sunshine break over the pines of the eastern shore. Now, I’m letting you see my little duck legs paddling furiously under water just trying to keep this whole crazy life afloat.



8 thoughts on “Part-Time Writer, Part-Time Business Owner, Full-Time Mama, Full-Time Crazy

  1. It’s only by letting go that we ever truly find ourselves. I’ve learned to do it as often as possible! Embrace your ‘crazy’ as if it were water for a plant. I’m sure you’ve got some great stories to write. I especially enjoyed the line about putting it down on paper. Kudos. Rinse and repeat.


  2. Sometimes the only thing that helps us not go crazy is to write down the thoughts that continuously go through our heads. I am excited for you as you embrace this new adventure, my friend.


  3. Good luck, Ronnie. I admire you for starting this new adventure! I’m sure you will do well. Looking forward to your future postings.


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